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Why you need a coach

The following is a guest post from Jennifer Gardner, a longtime FiClub community member. Jennifer recently experienced rapid transformations in her personal and professional life through opening herself to receiving coaching and learning to hear and honor her inner wisdom. She is wrapping up a career as a graphic designer to pursue her dream of becoming a self-employed life coach and published author. Stay tuned for the release of her chapter in an upcoming anthology Courageous World Catalysts: 36 inspirational stories by changemakers available on starting 8/8/2017.


Do you feel stuck? Are you lost or confused about your purpose? Do you want to fix your unhealthy feelings, behaviors and habits? Do you want someone to lead you to a solution? Great! You are in luck! There is someone out there waiting to hear what you have to say and to help you break out of the prison you feel you are in.

Now, let me ask you a few more questions. Can you truly do anything massive by yourself? Can you accomplish your dreams without the help of a team of people propelling you toward greatness? Can you figure out how to dodge the obstacles along the way, all alone? Is there any way for you to become healthy, wealthy and successful with minimal guidance? The big, loud answer is NO!

We somehow pretend that accomplishing dreams does not require much help from outside ourselves. At least, that is the lie that I believed most of my life. And that's why happiness seemed impossible, because I did not understand the concept of teamwork; of truly connecting with others to educate myself through them. But relationships are exactly what life is supposed to be all about. We are here to help each other, and if we are not continuously reaching out to others for help and to give help, then our true purpose is being missed.

For me, receiving coaching is spending time with a dedicated individual who cares about helping you get to where they are or have been on their journey. It's about finding someone you have true chemistry with, even if it takes going through a process to find the right person for you. The right life coach will feel genuine, interested and connected to your story. They will help you make shifts in your thinking and breakthroughs in your awareness. They will guide you to solutions. They will ask you powerful questions that give you new perspective and push you to your next level. So, if you are ready for someone to help lead you to where you want to go, a life coach is a strong first step in your new direction.

You can find my chapter and a host of other coaches and inspiring entrepreneurs in the Amazon International Best-Selling book, Courageous World Catalysts: 36 inspirational stories by changemakers on their mission for global impact. One day sale on Amazon Kindle for $0.99 on August 8th, 2017. You can contact me at

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