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Happy 2019! Goals, habits, intentions

As I celebrate the new year and set intentions, I am letting others know what I am thinking so that I open the door to collaboration and great connections. You can also make yourself "helpable" by playing along and sharing what you seek. This blog, Twitter, the Web can connect us and create a mastermind and community of mutual support that ensures everyone wins.

Here are the topics on my mind:

  • Career: engage my network to bring me great opportunities

  • Investments: move to 100% Socially Responsible / values-aligned personal finances

  • Information Security and Digital Hygiene: research and implement good practices

  • Learning: become more fluent in Brazilian Portuguese

For each of the above, I will continue to "think out loud" and to share with all of you as I gain knowledge and create tools or habits that others can benefit from adopting, trying out and improving. Let's get this going!

Share your intentions in the comments below (include a link to your blog, Twitter feed or page), connect with me and the community I set out to generate.

OprahWinfrey Quote - #triumph

All the best to you for 2019!

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