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Financial Insights. Community Learning. Upgrade Behavior.

Paying-off debts? Want to save for retirement? Tired of blowing your budget every month? Don't know where to start?
FiClub wants  to help you get a handle on your personal finances and your money habits. Our coaching gives you the guidance and support you need to reach better outcomes, reduce stress, and hit your goals.

Start by taking our 5-10 minute questionnaire to see how you are doing in the 4 areas of personal finance. Hit the big red GO button when you are ready to start the journey to a better, more prosperous you. Otherwise, feel free to poke around on our site.

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Financial Insight
Community Learning
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Upgrade Behavior

Get skills & tools you need to master your finances - see where you spend unnecessarily, evaluate your income, tackle debts, create a budget and make your investments help you reach your goals. Take the guess work out of setting goals. Short term? Long term? More than one? It doesn’t matter, FiClub is here to make planning easy and kind of fun!

Share your stories, your successes, your strategies. Learn from others – online or in person. Hold yourself and others accountable through challenges & contests. Learn new things in our library or podcasts.

There are many people just like you who want to make real change with their money habits. Peer group support is a proven winning advantage!

Habits are like a railroad switch: small changes today put you in a different place down the line. Once you learn how, where, and when you spend, FiClub can set up nudges to keep you on track in the moment. Create strategies that work for YOU, not handed down from some financial guru.​ ​Just like a fitness tracker but designed for your wallet!​

Join our email list for updates from FiClub - we will share money tips and tricks from our members and let you know about upcoming bootcamps in your area.

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