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Workshop for self-employed translators & interpreters

FiClub coaches, Ray and Frank, had the opportunity to do a workshop on personal finances and goal setting with a group of self-employed language professionals. Great crowd and some really good discussions. The big area of need the group reported was ensuring that they built adequate retirement savings while keeping an eye on growing the income that makes it possible to cover expenses and move forward. Taxes and record-keeping were also an area of focus for the group. We believe that participants were able to achieve some breakthroughs to get into action on their top concerns. We look forward to working with these folks in the future as they keep building the habits of financial mastery.

A special thanks to organizers of the Linguists, Translators, and Interpreters in the Bay Area Meetup for inviting us.

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Retirement calculators: "how do I know how much I need to retire?"

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