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Your Finances: Do the pieces fit? Are the pieces fit?

The Four + Core: we explore the four pieces of personal finances and the behavioral core of habits and awareness. This quick video previews what we cover with our members in one-on-one coaching or in our small group bootcamps.

Research shows that people are much more likely to be successful with any change if they do it as part of a group. Peer support is critical to success. Don't risk it alone - join FiClub to get the support to beat the odds and reach your financial goals. Getting to financial fitness for some is about having a plan and overall goals so that you know that the pieces fit.

Even if you have a plan, the big picture can get blurry when you move in closer. You have to get into action executing your plan. Which strategy you need depends on what is going on in your life. Think of the four pieces like a four-burner stove - which pot is boiling over for you? Is it debt that has to be handled? Expenses you have to cut? Income you have to grow or idle savings to invest and put to work? Focus on what's dragging you down most and get into action on it, taking them in turn you'll get each of the pieces fit.

If you can use help turning down the heat in any specific area, we're there for you. If you have no idea how to get cooking, FiClub shares recipes based on proven past successes of our Members. Here for example we share how to get started with setting up emergency Savings. In another post we talk about how to bring in more Income.

Our Members get access to the strategy mindmap, articles with tips and tricks, financial habits coaching and more.

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