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Finance Industry. Compliance and Legal. Users and Builders.

Regulatory Technology Overview

The financial services industry is highly regulated and faces government and public opinion pressures but also challengers and competition from new entrants like big tech. Technology firms already have massive audiences of users they want to monetize, and that means offering or creating financial products and services in a way that threatens incumbents in that sector.

The intersection of technology and regulation, or "RegTech", will be a key tool for incumbents to defend their turf or for new entrants to overcome existing barriers to entry. Rewards await those firms that can master tools and practices that allow financial services to be delivered in a compliant manner, at scale and at the speed of the marketplace and complex, fast-moving rule-making across the global playing field.

We want to meet the founders and funders of early stage innovation in this RegTech sector. FiClub will share their stories. We also roll-up our sleeves to advise anyone who has something of value to offer on how they can get their product in front of prospects whose pain points they can solve. If you are a RegTech leader and you want to discuss your product, please contact us. If you are a financial services firm seeking technology solutions for your regulatory issues, get in touch.



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